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The “new” CAIC aims to be at the side of all operators in the coffee sector (big industry, small roasting plants, traders, importers, forwarding agents and agents) by offering new services that run alongside the institutional arbitration one.



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Arbitration is an alternative tool for the resolution of disputes, through which the parties agree to settle a possible dispute without relying on ordinary means of protection made available by the legislator. In the event of a dispute, one of the two parties can therefore appeal in arbitration, entrusting the arbitrators with the task of ruling on the responsibilities and assessing their consequences. In order to be entitled to request arbitration from CAIC, the contracts and/or agreements must be issued with the following clause: “Camera Arbitrale Italiana del Caffè, Genova” / “Italian Coffee Arbitration Chamber, Genoa”.

The Expertises

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This service offered by CAIC is an innovative and imporant tool for operators looking for an objective, authoritative and confidential opinion from qualified experts.  The Expertise service, even if provided via an unofficial channel, is nevertheless managed according to the principles of seriousness, professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality that govern the arbitration procedures.

The Expertise service consists of two types: Quality and Principle.

The Expertises service is reserved to CAIC members and does not involve any additional costs.


Quality Expertises

Principle Expertises



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Arbitrators are the basis of the good functioning, credibility and reliability of the CAIC.
As a guarantee of the above, the Arbitrators accredited by the CAIC are not only people with proven specific experience in the field, but in order to be awarded the title of Arbitrator they must pass an examination held by a special Evaluation Committee.
The CAIC has two committees: one for the evaluation of quality Arbitrators and the second for the evaluation of those of principle.



How to become
an arbitrator





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The CAIC can count on the skills of a number of professionals who have made themselves available to provide opinions and advice as needed.

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Competence
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency

List of qualified


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In Italy the coffee trade is governed by two contracts:

ESCC  and the Contratto Nazionale Caffè Sdoganati