The Chamber

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The “Camera Arbitrale Italiana del Caffè” or CAIC (Italian Coffee Arbitration Chamber in english) was founded in Genoa in 1933.

After many years of inactivity, in 1978 the CAIC was refounded and its operations therefore ensure continuity with the original entity established 45 years earlier.

Until the end of the 1990s, several Arbitration Chambers dedicated to coffee existed in Europe, located in London, Paris, Le Havre, Hamburg, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Genoa.

Today, together with the London and Hamburg ones, the Genoa Chamber is one of the last three still operational in Europe.

Who we are

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CAIC has its registered office at the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the institutional function of the Chamber is to settle disputes relating to national and international green coffee contracts in arbitration.
Moreover, the CAIC is structured to offer, through the expertise tool, opinions and assessments relating to quality and/or contractual issues.

The board of directors

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The Board of Directors appointed for the period 2019/2021 consists of representatives of all categories operating in the green coffee market: big industry, small roasting plants, traders, importers, forwarding agents and agents.

Fabio Frontani
NKG Bero Italia spa – Genova
Michela Stama
Luigi Lavazza spa – Torino
Raffaele Addamo
Camera di Commercio di Genova
Alessandro Borea
La Genovese sas – Albenga
Riccardo Marchesi
Pacorini Silocaf srl- Trieste
Elio Vercelli
Green Coffee Elite srl – Genova
Uberto Marchesi
NKG Bero Italia spa – Genova

Why become a member

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CAIC represents all professional categories operating in the green coffee market.
The operators in the sector can join CAIC with the utmost confidence, certain of being able to count on a serious, professional and reliable organisation able to provide trustworthy and absolutely impartial judgements and answers, as provided for by the Statute and the Code of Conduct regulating the organisation’s activities.



How to become
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